To all my brown girls out there, how many of y’alls closet is FILLED with desi clothes that you wear AT MOST three or four times?! …Yeah, I’m right there with you! Recently, on my way to a shoot, I had an epiphany. The gorgeous shirt or (kameez) of my outfit is fully lined, and I wondered how it would look like if I ditched the pants and scarf, and wore it as a holiday dress. I decided to try it out, and took pictures of both the full desi outfit and then separately, the shirt, as just a dress. It turned out AMAZING! A couple of girls even complimented me on how pretty my DRESS was. Whaaaaaaat?! Take a look at the transformation, and lemme know what you think in the comment section below! Does the outfit look better with the gharara pants and dupatta(scarf) or as a dress….or both? 😉 I’m thinking of doing a series on how to incorporate pieces of desi clothes into american outfits or possibly a fusion. So, stay tuned!






Thank you @goshopaholiconline for this beautiful outfit! Everyone go follow her on Instagram and DM my girl for any price inquiries! 🙂


Farwa Naqvi


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