Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Boo(Unisex)–On a Budget

1. Home Cooked Meal 

  • Simple, yet honestly the perfect gift cause who doesn’t love food?!


2. Date Jar

  • This is the perfect gift for a couple who likes to go out and experience new things together; however, are super indecisive… and then just end up sitting on the couch watching Netflix lol This can be a fun Valentine’s Day activity to do together…just imagine: drinking hot chocolate, eating cupcakes, and coming up with fun date ideas to do together, oh so romantic haha Plus, I don’t know about ya’ll, but I love the excitement of not knowing what date night idea I’ll choose from the jar– it adds a sense of spontaneity to your relationship.

Date Night

3. Undergarments

  • Not only do girls like to wear nice underwear/socks NEWS FLASH guys do too! And if they don’t wear nice undergarments, wait until they try them, their world will forever be changed.
Mens Options

Women's Options 

4. Be Creative

  • Use your creative talent to make something original. Some examples are: a short poem, a song, a love letter, or a painting/drawing. People love receiving hand made gifts, because it truly shows how much you care due to all the time and effort you put into it. 


S/O to @dr_art_attack she’s an amazing artist! Go follow her, look at all her other magical creations, and show her some love! ❤

5. A Voucher Book<–Link 

  • The book that lets you give the gift of massages, breakfast in bed, and alone time. Cause honestly, when you’re in a relationship, who doesn’t want some alone time lol

I hope ya’ll benefit from these last minute gift ideas. Have an amazing Valentine’s Day! ❤


Farwa Naqvi

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