10 Things I’ve Learned While Living in New York City

10 Things I’ve Learned While Living in New York City

1. You.Have.No.Personal.Space

2. It’s actually not that expensive to live in the city, in regards to buying groceries–that’s definitely a myth

3. You will walk at least 2-3 miles a day

4. Times Square will ALWAYS be busy. It does not matter what time you go, whether it be 6 am on a Sunday or 11pm on a Tuesday

5. The environment and aura is just as motivating as I hoped it would be

6. You will find interesting ways of trying to store and organize your things due to the lack of space

7. Public transportation is everything!!!

8. There is inspiration everywhere

9. Every weekend feels like a mini vacation–there is so much to see and do

10. You absolutely need a door man


Farwa Naqvi

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10 Things an Older Sister Should Tell Their Younger Sister

10 Things an Older Sister Should Tell Their Younger Sister

1. Even though you sometimes think we do, we don’t want to act like your mom. You just force us to when you make stupid decisions. We love you, and don’t want to see you get hurt

2. We have a love/hate relationship with you stealing our clothes. Most of the time, we freaking hate it; however, deep inside, we actually enjoy you wearing our clothes, because it shows that you like our sense of style

3. No matter how stupid of a mistake you do, or how deep of shit you are in, know that we’ll ALWAYS be there to help you out and cover it up

4. Even though we moved out that does not mean that we won’t be there for you. If you need absolutely anything whether it be someone to vent to at 3am or need help finding the perfect prom dress, we are just a phone call/FaceTime away

5. You should be thankful that we were the guinea pig growing up, and that we paved the way, which is why you have a more chill life

6. We didn’t take you with us to hang out with our friends when we were kids because we had to. We wanted to, because we love you and never wanted you to feel alone

7. Your secret is safe with us. If there is questionable stuff you’re doing behind our parents back and wanna tell someone about it cause you’re so excited, vent to us. We were once your age and probably did the same shit, so we know exactly what you’re going through

8. It pains us when we see you making the same mistakes as us. While we gave you advice and guidelines, there are just some things that you’re gonna have to experience yourself. And when you don’t listen to us, we’ll still be there to comfort you afterwards

9. Yeah you might be mom and dad’s favorite child but we’re actually okay with that sometimes, because the more attention they have on you means we can slyly get away with things. The key word here is SOMETIMES, because you know mom can see and hear everything we do haha

10. We’re gonna be forever best friends, whether you like it or not ❤️



Farwa Naqvi

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Valentine’s Day Lookbook- Comfy yet Sexy

Valentine’s Day Lookbook- Comfy yet Sexy

Hi lovelies! Happy month of loveeeee 😉 I don’t know about you, but every single year I struggle on what to wear for Valentines Day. So this year I decided to give ya’ll a lookbook to give you guys some inspiration. You’re going to see a reoccurring theme: comfort. I wanted these outfits to be easy to put together, yet cute and girly enough to be able to wear out on a date. Before we get started on the outfits, I want to point out that you do NOT need to have a significant other, in order to dress up on Valentines Day! Yes, this post will give you inspo on what to wear for your significant other, BUT it can also give you ideas for you and your girls, if you all decide to go out on the town, plan on attending a Galentine’s party, or heck, if you just wanna be festive for yourself!

For me this month isn’t only about showing your affection to your significant other, it’s also about loving your friends and family a bit more…even though I definitely feel like you shouldn’t wait for February to show your affection. However, don’t get me wrong, haha, I do like the idea of having a month out of the year dedicated to love! I adore everything about it: the romantic atmosphere, dressing up, and omg, the candy. My favorite Valentine’s Day theme candy is the heart shaped jolly rancher lollipops 😀 What’s your fav Valentine’s Day themed candy? Comment down below and let me know! Enough babbling, on to the outfits!

Outfit #1 


This edgy outfit gives a rocker punk kinda vibe, and I’m all for it! I first saw this black and red plaid skirt at Zara and based the outfit around that.

I found this cute yet sexy tank top at free people and paired it with my leather jacket to complete this look. I wanted this outfit to, again, be as comfy as possible; so I went with my black chunky boots. However, if you wanna spice it up a bit you can add heels. I wanted this outfit to be a tad bit realistic lol. So I went ahead and put on some tights, because it is so damn cold outside!


Tank Top: Free People (in store only)
Leather Jacket: Leather Double Peplum Jacket Express
Tights: 40 Denier Support Tights H&M
Black Boots: Can't remember they're like 5 years old lol

Outfit #2 

IMG_0343This cute and flirty dress would be PERFECT for all the girly girls out there! I love how pink this dress comes across ❤

I paired the dress with some cute af rose gold tassel earrings and pink round sunglasses. Is it just me or does this look give off some major vintage vibes?! Lastly, I wore my Adidas sneakers for added comfort!


Dress: UO Molly Smocked Gingham Mini Dress Urban Outfitters- ON SALE
Earrings: Earrings with Tassels H&M
Sunglasses: Charlie Metal Round Sunglasses Urban Outfitters

Outfit #3 


We’re finally at outfit #3! Whohooo! And guess what? It’s not red or pink! Girls listen, as much as I like the colors pink and red, it’s not for everyone! You can still dress up and look festive without wearing the standard Valentine’s day colors.

It’s allllllll in the eyes, am I right?! 😉 I went pretty bare when it came to jewelry with this outfit. The only “accessory” I paired it with were my glitter heels, because I wanted the velvet to be the center of attention. Without the extra fluff, I really think the velvet popped.


Jumpsuit: UO Emmabella Velvet Straight-Neck Jumpsuit Urban Outfitters- ON SALE
Shoes: Nathalie Demi d'Orsay Pointy Toe Pump MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS

And that’s it my loves! I really really hope I gave ya’ll some outfit inspiration! If you do take some inpso from this post be sure to post a picture on Instagram and tag me @faroo101 ❤ This was a collab with @janukmua please go give her a follow and show her some love! 🙂 I hope you guys have an amazing Valentine’s Day; I love you guys so much!


Farwa Naqvi

23rd Birthday

23rd Birthday

Welcome back to my blog! Since today is my birthday, I thought it would be fun to share 23 facts about myself so you guys can get to know me a bit better. Lets get started!


1. I’m 23 years old, DUH, lol it’s my burday

2. My favorite color is lavender

3. I’m claustrophobic

4. I’m addicted to tea especially chai lol I drink at least 3 cups a day

5. Hot Cheetos are my fav snack

6. I hate drinking water, I literally have to put a drink mix in water to get my 8 cups a day (if that lmao)

7. I’m a middle child

8. I have 2 sisters

9. I’m a healthcare consultant

10. I graduated college in 2017

11. I’ve been working since senior year of high school. Since than, I’ve literally never not had a job, alhamdulillah (I count internships as a job cause they were paid)


12. I’ve always always always wanted to live in New York, and inshallah, we’re going to move up there in July (so freaking excited)

13. I’ve made a viral video (I’ll link it down below)

14. I want to start a vlog channel

15. When I move to New York I’m going to be working part time on my blog/ YouTube channel and part time as a healthcare consultant

16. My husband is my #1 fan

17. I love styling- and wanna become a creative consultant

18. Muzzi (my husband) is actually a better cook than I am

19. After getting married, I’ve developed a sweet tooth, and weirdly enough before I was married, I had a huge savory tooth

20. I get scarred easily, and I’m actually scared of the dark lol

21. I’m a huge dog person

22. I have naturally curly hair

23. I can not for the life of me put on fake eyelashes


Thank ya’ll for always supporting me and showering me with love. Love you guys so much! ❤


Farwa Naqvi

Viral Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahJKDGLyDZ4&t=4s



Hi lovebugs,

Long time no post huh? Sorry y’all I’ve been going through some family stuff which is why I have not been active on my blog or insta. Lets just say the start of 2018 has been pretty rough, but I’m back and ready to share my new year thoughts with you!

Everyone’s perception of the New Year is different. Some people think it’s stupid to have resolutions for the new year but others think of it as a restart to their life. I personally feel like it is a good time to think about your goals and really think about what you have done the past year to achieve them. If you have not been able to achieve your goals think about what you can change about your lifestyle in order to accomplish them. My advice to you is ‘baby steps’, take it one day at a time. If you jump full in, trust me, in a couple of months you are going to burn out, achieving little.


I have compiled 10 things I want to accomplish this year, enjoy! ❤

  1. Get more organized- plan out my days/weeks
  2. Say yes more and no less
  3. Spend more time with family and friends
  4. Worry less about what others think
  5. Learn one new dish at least once a month
  6. Start working out-at least once a month (baby steps lol)
  7. Date night once a month
  8. Save more- spend less
  9. Wake earlier
  10. Value my mental health above anything else


I hope everyone has a fantastic, successful, and healthy year! Comment down below what your New Year resolutions are! 🙂


Farwa Naqvi


Ever since I graduated college and started my first “big girl” job, I’ve struggled with finding quick outfits that can transition from meeting to party attire. With New Year’s Eve just around the corner all you boss ass girls deserve to look spicy at your next party all the while looking classy and put together for the office. I’m here to help! I recently found the perfect transition outfit. Let’s go!


Yes y’all velvet again! I’ve said this before but velvet is the IT fabric of the season and I’m full on obsessed. This matching blazer and trouser set gives me LIFEEEEE! I love how simple it is to style as well. I can literally imagine myself rolling out of bed putting this set on and feeling ready to conquer the day, touch up a bit, and look bomb AF for my night out. All you would have to do is switch up the heels and earrings!


Blazer:Stripe Velour Blazer Nordstrom
Trousers:Velour Ankle Trousers Nordstrom
Tank:AE SOFT & SEXY STRAPPY TANK American Eagle Outfitters-ON SALE
Shoes:Nathalie Demi d'Orsay Pointy Toe Pump MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS
Earrings: Pakistan

Photography by: @visualsbymichelle she’s amazing!!

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Farwa Naqvi




HOW TO DOUBLE YOUR WARDROBE          ft. Go Shopaholic

To all my brown girls out there, how many of y’alls closet is FILLED with desi clothes that you wear AT MOST three or four times?! …Yeah, I’m right there with you! Recently, on my way to a shoot, I had an epiphany. The gorgeous shirt or (kameez) of my outfit is fully lined, and I wondered how it would look like if I ditched the pants and scarf, and wore it as a holiday dress. I decided to try it out, and took pictures of both the full desi outfit and then separately, the shirt, as just a dress. It turned out AMAZING! A couple of girls even complimented me on how pretty my DRESS was. Whaaaaaaat?! Take a look at the transformation, and lemme know what you think in the comment section below! Does the outfit look better with the gharara pants and dupatta(scarf) or as a dress….or both? 😉 I’m thinking of doing a series on how to incorporate pieces of desi clothes into american outfits or possibly a fusion. So, stay tuned!






Thank you @goshopaholiconline for this beautiful outfit! Everyone go follow her on Instagram and DM my girl for any price inquiries! 🙂


Farwa Naqvi