23rd Birthday

Welcome back to my blog! Since today is my birthday, I thought it would be fun to share 23 facts about myself so you guys can get to know me a bit better. Lets get started!


1. I’m 23 years old, DUH, lol it’s my burday

2. My favorite color is lavender

3. I’m claustrophobic

4. I’m addicted to tea especially chai lol I drink at least 3 cups a day

5. Hot Cheetos are my fav snack

6. I hate drinking water, I literally have to put a drink mix in water to get my 8 cups a day (if that lmao)

7. I’m a middle child

8. I have 2 sisters

9. I’m a healthcare consultant

10. I graduated college in 2017

11. I’ve been working since senior year of high school. Since than, I’ve literally never not had a job, alhamdulillah (I count internships as a job cause they were paid)


12. I’ve always always always wanted to live in New York, and inshallah, we’re going to move up there in July (so freaking excited)

13. I’ve made a viral video (I’ll link it down below)

14. I want to start a vlog channel

15. When I move to New York I’m going to be working part time on my blog/ YouTube channel and part time as a healthcare consultant

16. My husband is my #1 fan

17. I love styling- and wanna become a creative consultant

18. Muzzi (my husband) is actually a better cook than I am

19. After getting married, I’ve developed a sweet tooth, and weirdly enough before I was married, I had a huge savory tooth

20. I get scarred easily, and I’m actually scared of the dark lol

21. I’m a huge dog person

22. I have naturally curly hair

23. I can not for the life of me put on fake eyelashes


Thank ya’ll for always supporting me and showering me with love. Love you guys so much! ❤


Farwa Naqvi

Viral Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahJKDGLyDZ4&t=4s

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