Hi lovebugs,

Long time no post huh? Sorry y’all I’ve been going through some family stuff which is why I have not been active on my blog or insta. Lets just say the start of 2018 has been pretty rough, but I’m back and ready to share my new year thoughts with you!

Everyone’s perception of the New Year is different. Some people think it’s stupid to have resolutions for the new year but others think of it as a restart to their life. I personally feel like it is a good time to think about your goals and really think about what you have done the past year to achieve them. If you have not been able to achieve your goals think about what you can change about your lifestyle in order to accomplish them. My advice to you is ‘baby steps’, take it one day at a time. If you jump full in, trust me, in a couple of months you are going to burn out, achieving little.


I have compiled 10 things I want to accomplish this year, enjoy! ❤

  1. Get more organized- plan out my days/weeks
  2. Say yes more and no less
  3. Spend more time with family and friends
  4. Worry less about what others think
  5. Learn one new dish at least once a month
  6. Start working out-at least once a month (baby steps lol)
  7. Date night once a month
  8. Save more- spend less
  9. Wake earlier
  10. Value my mental health above anything else


I hope everyone has a fantastic, successful, and healthy year! Comment down below what your New Year resolutions are! 🙂


Farwa Naqvi

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