10 Things I’ve Learned While Living in New York City

10 Things I’ve Learned While Living in New York City

1. You.Have.No.Personal.Space

2. It’s actually not that expensive to live in the city, in regards to buying groceries–that’s definitely a myth

3. You will walk at least 2-3 miles a day

4. Times Square will ALWAYS be busy. It does not matter what time you go, whether it be 6 am on a Sunday or 11pm on a Tuesday

5. The environment and aura is just as motivating as I hoped it would be

6. You will find interesting ways of trying to store and organize your things due to the lack of space

7. Public transportation is everything!!!

8. There is inspiration everywhere

9. Every weekend feels like a mini vacation–there is so much to see and do

10. You absolutely need a door man


Farwa Naqvi

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10 Things an Older Sister Should Tell Their Younger Sister

10 Things an Older Sister Should Tell Their Younger Sister

1. Even though you sometimes think we do, we don’t want to act like your mom. You just force us to when you make stupid decisions. We love you, and don’t want to see you get hurt

2. We have a love/hate relationship with you stealing our clothes. Most of the time, we freaking hate it; however, deep inside, we actually enjoy you wearing our clothes, because it shows that you like our sense of style

3. No matter how stupid of a mistake you do, or how deep of shit you are in, know that we’ll ALWAYS be there to help you out and cover it up

4. Even though we moved out that does not mean that we won’t be there for you. If you need absolutely anything whether it be someone to vent to at 3am or need help finding the perfect prom dress, we are just a phone call/FaceTime away

5. You should be thankful that we were the guinea pig growing up, and that we paved the way, which is why you have a more chill life

6. We didn’t take you with us to hang out with our friends when we were kids because we had to. We wanted to, because we love you and never wanted you to feel alone

7. Your secret is safe with us. If there is questionable stuff you’re doing behind our parents back and wanna tell someone about it cause you’re so excited, vent to us. We were once your age and probably did the same shit, so we know exactly what you’re going through

8. It pains us when we see you making the same mistakes as us. While we gave you advice and guidelines, there are just some things that you’re gonna have to experience yourself. And when you don’t listen to us, we’ll still be there to comfort you afterwards

9. Yeah you might be mom and dad’s favorite child but we’re actually okay with that sometimes, because the more attention they have on you means we can slyly get away with things. The key word here is SOMETIMES, because you know mom can see and hear everything we do haha

10. We’re gonna be forever best friends, whether you like it or not ❤️



Farwa Naqvi

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10 Ways to Motivate Yourself 

10 Ways to Motivate Yourself 

1. Make your bed in the morning

I know this sounds super simple, but it is actually effective. I’ve implemented this in my everyday life and it kick starts your day. By completing a task, it makes it that much easier to complete the next one. I’ve heard this a lot, but the University of Texas at Austin 2014 Commencement speech definitely sums it up well.

2. Exercise

This is basic common knowledge, but I feel like I had to include this. Any sort of exercise will do, I’m not telling you to go run 3 miles a day or bench press 100 pounds cause god knows I don’t do that hahaha. All I’m saying is: get moving, even if you make it a habit to walk 30 minutes a day or take a break from work and walk outside for 10 minutes 3 times a day, the results are surprising. You WILL feel energized and motivated.

3.Surround yourself with likeminded individuals

This is so freaking important, and it took me years to figure it out. If you don’t surround yourself with people who have the same mentality as you or maybe want the same things in life, it can really affect your mental health. It will drain you. For example, ever since I started blogging, I tried to find people who are in the art/fashion world, because they better understand me. I’m not saying to ditch your friends that you already have; all I’m saying is to make sure you surround yourself with people who have the same goals and mindset.

4.Celebrate the small successes

You should have both long term and short term goals. And when you achieve the short term goals ALWAYS celebrate it, because you did it, you set a goal, you worked your butt off, and you got it. So pat yourself on the back, buy that ice cream, but remember to keep working hard to make your dreams come true.

5.Uplift yourself with a Pep talk

One of my favorite things to do in the morning is to give myself a short pep-talk before starting my day. It gets my mind in the right place and helps me kickstart whatever is coming my way.

6.Have realistic/Achievable goals

If you have unrealistic goals, you will find yourself quickly feeling like you are incompetent even though in reality you actually are not. I suggest using the S.M.A.R.T methodology, which stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bound. Being specific means you should be able to articulate clearly what you want to achieve, which sometimes forces you to realize you might not know what you really want or that your one goal is actually five goals. Measurable goals allow you to answer the questions: How many? How much? How will I know when my goal is accomplished? Attainable or achievable goals are those that do not exceed your current capabilities or circumstances. It’s important to be self-aware, because you also need to make sure the goal is Relevant, aka does this goal help you become who you want to be personally or professionally? And with almost anything, you need to have a deadline! Without one, you will lack the focus and structure to ensure you complete your goal.


I know so many people, including myself, make excuses for not reading; however listening is way more doable. When you’re in the shower, getting ready for work/ school, on the subway/driving listen to something positive and it will help you get your mind in the right place and you will learn something!

8.Just do it

Honestly, just do it. I know it is easier said than done. Trust me, I’ve been there. Whether it be taking a risk, going for a run, changing career paths, or just studying for an exam. We all make excuses, but just remember if you do it, it will make you happier in the long run.


This is the first thing you should be doing after waking up. Stretch and meditate. Even if you give it 5 minutes, it will automatically clear your mind and put it to ease. Which will help motivate you to start you day. It’s important to learn how to separate yourself from your own thoughts so you can be in command of how you think and by extension act.

10. Time management

Procrastination and time management gets to us all!! The whole ehhhh I’ll do it in 10 minutes which turns into an hour, and then with a blink of an eye turns into a week. We have all been there. Doing what you can to manage your time will both keep your mind at ease and will help make sure you’re on top of your stuff. For example: since I’ve gotten to New York I’ve been putting off creating new blog posts because they take time, and in my head, I tell myself I don’t have time. However, as I was sitting on the subway going to work in the morning I had an epiphany: my commute is 15 minutes both morning and evening which is 30 minutes a day, which is 2 1/2 hours a week. WOW, if I were to just work on my blog during my commute, I can spend 2 1/2 hours brainstorming, writing, etc. Which would mean I could create more content. So, please, unless if you’re a superhuman who remembers everything and does everything on time, then create some sort of method to help you manage your time. Because as soon as you check off an item on your list of to dos you’re gonna feel so much more motivated to continue.



Farwa Naqvi

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Hi loves. First of all, to everyone who has DM’d me asking me where I’ve been and why I haven’t  been posting, thank you. I can’t even explain how much your messages have helped motive me to write this post. I don’t even know how to start this blog post. I know that I haven’t posted in quite some time now and I feel like I owe you guys an explanation.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve absolutely loved fashion and styling and unfortunately due to various reasons I wasn’t able to pursue my dreams. Flash forward to the present, I have graduated college. I’m happily married. I’m independent; yet I still have not forgotten about my dream. Which is why I decided to start this blog– to still be apart of the fashion world. I’ve talked to Muzzi (my husband) so many times about the what-ifs that I thought enough-is-enough. Life is too short to not pursue your dreams. So I decided that once we move to New York, I’ll blog part time while also working as a healthcare consultant to get my feet wet in the fashion/blogging world. Great, right? That’s what I thought too. I felt like my life was perfect. I mean come on, I’m moving to New York this June to pursue my dreams, AND I have the most supportive husband in world rooting for me. And then it just hit me.

A feeling that I’ve never really felt before. I couldn’t really put my finger on it. All I knew was that something just wasn’t right. I started sleeping a lot and I mean like 12+ hours a night. I was always tired and constantly had negative thoughts in my head. I never wanted to speak to anyone, never wanted to hang out with my friends, family, or even Muzzi. I’ve always been bad at replying back to people’s text messages; however, I purposefully didn’t reply back because I didn’t want to talk to or hang out with anyone. I didn’t even want to blog or post on Instagram, because I felt like there was no purpose. All I kept trying to figure out was why I kept feeling this way. And that’s the scary/ weird thing about anxiety, there doesn’t have to be a reason. It honestly was the worst feeling EVER. A couple of weeks in, my mom noticed my behavior and somehow I ended up telling her how I felt and a week later I told Muzzi. I recently went to my physician to get checked up. However, I thank god for my mom and Muzzi because just even talking about my feelings out loud really helped me. Whenever I felt anxious I either called Muzzi or my mom and talked to them about what was going on in my head and it really helped me calm down.

Beside the fact of giving you guys an explanation of why I was gone, I want ya’ll to know that if any of you guys ever feel this way and need someone to talk to please do not hesitate to DM me. I love you guys so so much ❤


Farwa Naqvi


Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Boo(Unisex)–On a Budget

1. Home Cooked Meal 

  • Simple, yet honestly the perfect gift cause who doesn’t love food?!


2. Date Jar

  • This is the perfect gift for a couple who likes to go out and experience new things together; however, are super indecisive… and then just end up sitting on the couch watching Netflix lol This can be a fun Valentine’s Day activity to do together…just imagine: drinking hot chocolate, eating cupcakes, and coming up with fun date ideas to do together, oh so romantic haha Plus, I don’t know about ya’ll, but I love the excitement of not knowing what date night idea I’ll choose from the jar– it adds a sense of spontaneity to your relationship.

Date Night

3. Undergarments

  • Not only do girls like to wear nice underwear/socks NEWS FLASH guys do too! And if they don’t wear nice undergarments, wait until they try them, their world will forever be changed.
Mens Options
1) http://www.calvinklein.us/en/mens-underwear-shop-all
2) https://www.saxxunderwear.com/
3) https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/underwear-socks-for-men
4) https://www.meundies.com/t/gender/men#

Women's Options 
1) http://www.calvinklein.us/en/womens-underwear-shop-all
2) https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/womens-intimates
3) https://www.victoriassecret.com/
4) https://www.victoriassecret.com/pink/
5) https://www.adoreme.com/

4. Be Creative

  • Use your creative talent to make something original. Some examples are: a short poem, a song, a love letter, or a painting/drawing. People love receiving hand made gifts, because it truly shows how much you care due to all the time and effort you put into it. 


S/O to @dr_art_attack she’s an amazing artist! Go follow her, look at all her other magical creations, and show her some love! ❤

5. A Voucher Book<–Link 

  • The book that lets you give the gift of massages, breakfast in bed, and alone time. Cause honestly, when you’re in a relationship, who doesn’t want some alone time lol

I hope ya’ll benefit from these last minute gift ideas. Have an amazing Valentine’s Day! ❤


Farwa Naqvi

23rd Birthday

23rd Birthday

Welcome back to my blog! Since today is my birthday, I thought it would be fun to share 23 facts about myself so you guys can get to know me a bit better. Lets get started!


1. I’m 23 years old, DUH, lol it’s my burday

2. My favorite color is lavender

3. I’m claustrophobic

4. I’m addicted to tea especially chai lol I drink at least 3 cups a day

5. Hot Cheetos are my fav snack

6. I hate drinking water, I literally have to put a drink mix in water to get my 8 cups a day (if that lmao)

7. I’m a middle child

8. I have 2 sisters

9. I’m a healthcare consultant

10. I graduated college in 2017

11. I’ve been working since senior year of high school. Since than, I’ve literally never not had a job, alhamdulillah (I count internships as a job cause they were paid)


12. I’ve always always always wanted to live in New York, and inshallah, we’re going to move up there in July (so freaking excited)

13. I’ve made a viral video (I’ll link it down below)

14. I want to start a vlog channel

15. When I move to New York I’m going to be working part time on my blog/ YouTube channel and part time as a healthcare consultant

16. My husband is my #1 fan

17. I love styling- and wanna become a creative consultant

18. Muzzi (my husband) is actually a better cook than I am

19. After getting married, I’ve developed a sweet tooth, and weirdly enough before I was married, I had a huge savory tooth

20. I get scarred easily, and I’m actually scared of the dark lol

21. I’m a huge dog person

22. I have naturally curly hair

23. I can not for the life of me put on fake eyelashes


Thank ya’ll for always supporting me and showering me with love. Love you guys so much! ❤


Farwa Naqvi

Viral Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahJKDGLyDZ4&t=4s



Hi lovebugs,

Long time no post huh? Sorry y’all I’ve been going through some family stuff which is why I have not been active on my blog or insta. Lets just say the start of 2018 has been pretty rough, but I’m back and ready to share my new year thoughts with you!

Everyone’s perception of the New Year is different. Some people think it’s stupid to have resolutions for the new year but others think of it as a restart to their life. I personally feel like it is a good time to think about your goals and really think about what you have done the past year to achieve them. If you have not been able to achieve your goals think about what you can change about your lifestyle in order to accomplish them. My advice to you is ‘baby steps’, take it one day at a time. If you jump full in, trust me, in a couple of months you are going to burn out, achieving little.


I have compiled 10 things I want to accomplish this year, enjoy! ❤

  1. Get more organized- plan out my days/weeks
  2. Say yes more and no less
  3. Spend more time with family and friends
  4. Worry less about what others think
  5. Learn one new dish at least once a month
  6. Start working out-at least once a month (baby steps lol)
  7. Date night once a month
  8. Save more- spend less
  9. Wake earlier
  10. Value my mental health above anything else


I hope everyone has a fantastic, successful, and healthy year! Comment down below what your New Year resolutions are! 🙂


Farwa Naqvi

Be YOU, bold and confident

Be YOU, bold and confident

Ever since I was a kid, I have always loved beauty and fashion. I remember the days where it was super trendy to match your eyeshadow to your shirt (comment down below if you were also very matchy-matchy like muah), and oh my goodness, boy did I take that trend seriously. I literally wore BLUE eyeshadow while I was wearing a BLUE shirt, and no, not just a touch of blue, but blue on my whole eyelid…how embarrassing. But somehow I always rocked it with a smile on my face, due to the mere fact that I didn’t care what people thought of me. I mean, granted, when people bluntly and without hesitation, to my face, told me that I looked crazy, it did hurt, but I always talked myself out of it. Because honestly, who cares what people think?! Girls, if you think you look bomb wearing bright blue eyeshadow, colored contacts, crazy prints, or bright ass silver shoes (like I am) then YOU DO YOU BOO! Be bold, be confident, and wear exactly what you want, without fear of judgement.


5 reasons why fashion is about being TRUE to YOU

  1. Fashion and beauty are forms of self-expression, so wear what YOU want
  2. You don’t need permission to live out loud and be exactly who you are
  3. Life is short….wear the dress
  4. If the outfit came to mind…then you already want to wear it, so go ahead and wear it
  5. There’s no need to dress like like everyone else. It’s much more fun to create your own look.