10 Things I’ve Learned While Living in New York City

1. You.Have.No.Personal.Space

2. It’s actually not that expensive to live in the city, in regards to buying groceries–that’s definitely a myth

3. You will walk at least 2-3 miles a day

4. Times Square will ALWAYS be busy. It does not matter what time you go, whether it be 6 am on a Sunday or 11pm on a Tuesday

5. The environment and aura is just as motivating as I hoped it would be

6. You will find interesting ways of trying to store and organize your things due to the lack of space

7. Public transportation is everything!!!

8. There is inspiration everywhere

9. Every weekend feels like a mini vacation–there is so much to see and do

10. You absolutely need a door man


Farwa Naqvi

Insta: faroo101

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