6 Different Ways of How to Style a Leather Jacket

1. Femme Fatale

For the girl who is slightly dangerous and sexy

I tucked in a lace tank top into a cotton pencil skirt and topped it off with the leather jacket. The three different materials added so much texture to the look that it ends up looking far from a basic-all-black-outfit. I opted for my favorite sparkly pair of heels to dress up the look, but you can definitely dress it down and wear flats.

2. Preppy Gal

For the girl who likes to look like she is straight out of preparatory school

I combined different elements of what it means to dress “preppy.” I put together a forest green varsity esque sweater, boy shorts, white sneakers, and the leather jacket to complete the perfect classy prep look.

3. On-The-Go Chic

For the girl who is always on the run

This look is alllllll about being comfortable, yet cute, and put together. I threw on my favorite fleece jacket (that’s $20 btw) that feels like I’m wearing a blanket, and combined it with ripped jeans. I chose to wear my black boots, which are both stylish and weather proof — talk about being practical!! Lastly, I topped it off with the leather jacket for extra comfort and warmth.

4. Velvet Queen

For the girl who likes to get done up

The is the perfect outfit for date night or a special dinner/party. Pastels are the new fall colors. The pastel pink combined with the in-season velvet material is totally giving off fall vibes. For some extra glam, I went for my silver cage heels and leather jacket for warmth and texture.

5. Adventurous Babe

For the girl who is effortlessly cool and always up for an adventure

This outfit is super simple yet practical. This is for the occasion where you want to look cute and put together even if the day involves a lot of physical activity; you’re down — rain or shine! I paired this super glittery rose colored dress with my weather-proof boots. I have literally walked miles in those boots so when I say an adventure, I mean you can pretty much do anything in those boots without your feet swelling up. Lastly, I paired the leather jacket for warmth; plus, I love the look of leather on leather.

6. 70’s City Girl

For the girl who is trendy AF

This outfit screams trendy. The 70’s inspired high-waisted flared jeans with the white go-go boots look-alike paired with the rust color velvet body suit is one of my favorite fall street style looks. The leather jacket adds a pop to the outfit as well as warmth for a cool fall day.



Farwa Naqvi

❤ Insta: @faroo101

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