10 Things an Older Sister Should Tell Their Younger Sister

1. Even though you sometimes think we do, we don’t want to act like your mom. You just force us to when you make stupid decisions. We love you, and don’t want to see you get hurt

2. We have a love/hate relationship with you stealing our clothes. Most of the time, we freaking hate it; however, deep inside, we actually enjoy you wearing our clothes, because it shows that you like our sense of style

3. No matter how stupid of a mistake you do, or how deep of shit you are in, know that we’ll ALWAYS be there to help you out and cover it up

4. Even though we moved out that does not mean that we won’t be there for you. If you need absolutely anything whether it be someone to vent to at 3am or need help finding the perfect prom dress, we are just a phone call/FaceTime away

5. You should be thankful that we were the guinea pig growing up, and that we paved the way, which is why you have a more chill life

6. We didn’t take you with us to hang out with our friends when we were kids because we had to. We wanted to, because we love you and never wanted you to feel alone

7. Your secret is safe with us. If there is questionable stuff you’re doing behind our parents back and wanna tell someone about it cause you’re so excited, vent to us. We were once your age and probably did the same shit, so we know exactly what you’re going through

8. It pains us when we see you making the same mistakes as us. While we gave you advice and guidelines, there are just some things that you’re gonna have to experience yourself. And when you don’t listen to us, we’ll still be there to comfort you afterwards

9. Yeah you might be mom and dad’s favorite child but we’re actually okay with that sometimes, because the more attention they have on you means we can slyly get away with things. The key word here is SOMETIMES, because you know mom can see and hear everything we do haha

10. We’re gonna be forever best friends, whether you like it or not ❤️



Farwa Naqvi

Insta: faroo101 ❤

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