I have REALLY thick, curly, and frizzy hair, which is super hard to maintain. In middle school I went through a huge mousse phase, where my hair was crunchy 24/7, until I discovered my holy grail, the hair straightener. I use to spend hourssss on my hair routine, which consisted of washing my hair, blow drying, and then finally straightening it. That went on for at least 2-3 years, until I figured out how to curl my hair lol. Needless to say my hair went through a lot of heat over the years. When I was in the midst of wedding planning, I had a slight breakdown thinking about our honeymoon, because I didn’t want to spend hours doing my hair. However, I did want my hair to naturally look beautiful for my husband, like the whole “I woke up like this vibe” (lol I can picture my baby sister cringe while reading that). So I researched, and found the Brazilian Blowout and the keratin treatment. After months of looking into both treatments, I finally decided on the Brazilian Blowout. I actually went and got the treatment done the morning that our flight was going to take off, and ever since then, last September, I have religiously gotten the treatment done every 4ish months. I recently went and had my 6th Brazilian Blowout done (yes I know I’m obsessed), so I figured I would share my experience with yall 🙂 

What it is:

Brazilian Blowout is a treatment that temporarily straightens hair by sealing in keratin into the hair via the use of a flat iron. It improves the appearance of hair by creating a protective layer around the hair shaft for smooth, frizz free, and shiny locks. It doesn’t cause the hair to be stick straight, you actually have very natural looking hair that is bouncy yet frizz-free, pretty much everyone’s dream hair huh?


The Process:

The Brazilian Blowout is a three step process. They start off by shampooing your hair with the brazilian blowout shampoo which makes your hair super squeaky clean. Then they add the brazilian blowout product to your hair and blow dry. Finally, they straighten your hair which seals the product, and you rinse it out after about 2 days or so to let the product sink in. Overall, it usually takes around 45 minutes to an hour for the whole procedure to take place, which is SO freaking convenient.


How long does it last?

It can last anywhere between 6 weeks to 4 months depending on how well you maintain your hair.


It can cost anywhere from $75-180 depending on where you go get the treatment done.



In order to keep your hair frizz free and smooth for as long as possible, my stylist Danielle, recommends using sulfate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner. Unfortunately, these are pricier than the average drugstore shampoo. I’ll link the shampoo and conditioner I use down below.


Overall, I highly recommend getting the Brazilian Blowout treatment done, it saves me so much more time getting ready. Now all I have to do is wait for my hair to dry after taking a shower and that’s pretty much it. It dries frizz-free and wavy. Also, I wanted to give a shout out to my girl Danielle Alyson or @hairby_daniellealyson on Instagram for blessing my hair, she is literally a hair god. I 10/10 recommend her for all your hair needs ❤ Questions? Leave them in the comments below! Don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on Instagram @faroo101


Farwa Naqvi


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